Peaceful Intentions

Artemisia invites you to leap, dance, dive, relax, and/or stroll into your soul. Spirituality is a profoundly personal reality. For some it is quiet and meditative. For others it is a jubilee of song and dance. It may be free flowing or structured. It may be traditional or a process of discovery. It may align with an organized religion or be unique to you. Or…you may not label yourself as spiritual, but feel a deep love and respect for nature that inspires you whenever you give yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in it.

Before he died, Father Frank Srebernak performed the rite of the Catholic Mass every day during his “retirement” at an altar in the Guest House, with a beautiful view of land, lake and sky.  My grandmother, Meredith Montgomery,  a devout Catholic, prayed daily as well. My spiritual path veered away from Catholicism during adolescence and finally found a new home in feminist neo-paganism when I was in my 30’s. I honor this land as sacred space and have blessed it in my own way.  An important value of Artemisia is interfaith goodwill.  You are welcome, whatever your spiritual path, as long as you are able to respect others whose belief system differs from yours. You will find icons and words of wisdom from many of the world’s religions tastefully placed about the site. Ignore or embrace them as you will. The most prominent features of the site are the elements: the air, the land, the water, and the fire in the sky.


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