Artemisia’s driveway

We don’t claim to be “green” but we do a few things to lean in that direction, and request the cooperation of guests in being supportive of our goals:

Air  No smoking is allowed inside the buildings or near doors or open windows. We do sometimes bless the space with sage and other herbs, unless guests are uncomfortably sensitive to the smoke.  We love our bonfires but are careful about what we burn (nothing toxic or really sooty like painted wood ,  plastics, cloth, oily items, etc.). 

FireSmokey the Bear has a presence on the land, reminding us to practice fire safety whether its with a cigarette, candle, lantern, woodstove, or a bonfire.  Reasonable use of electricity and heating systems helps keep the cost of staying at Artemisia affordable and is good for the environment as well.  Please follow posted fire safety instructions.

Water– Our well water is tested to guarantee that it is safe to drink. Please be  aware that our septic systems are limited as to what they can handle. Use trash cans for trash (including tampons) rather than flushing.  Care should be taken navigating down the steep stairs to the lake and walking around the large rocks and logs on the beach. Need we say anything about each of us doing our part to keep the lake clean? And of course, practice water safety. We look forward to purchasing a couple of kayaks.

EarthWatch where you walk, for your own safety as well as that of the delicate flowers and especially the wild blueberries!  Although it’s not particularly pretty, we’ve spent a lot of money and effort in erosion control for the sandy bluff. We use only the stairs to get to/from the beach and stay on the inland side of the fence to protect this sensitive area. Dogs must be kept off the bluff as well.

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.  Re-use is a common practice up here. Old furniture and tires have been incorporated into the erosion control project. Old wood shingles became firewood. Our stairs to the beach came from an old mine. we do collect recyclable items and haul them over to  Waste Management in Houghton. A list of what they accept is posted. 

We are working on a project to label the different types of trees and many of the plants on the land. No hunting is allowed on the property or in the park next door. This is a sanctuary…except in cases where health and safety are compromised.  You are welcome to feed some of the animals but please do so sparingly – unsalted peanuts in the shell for chipmunks and blue jays, hummingbird nectar, wild bird seed.  In winter, deer benefit from left over fruits and veggies. Be aware that bears can be out there too, so be alert and remember that they are wild animals.

Spirit – Breathe…relax…leave busy-ness behind you. Listen to the waves crashing into the rocks, feel the cool breezes and warming hearths, smell the forest, taste the sweet fruit of berries (there’s a great picking spot just down the road), watch for the eagles to fly by along the coastline. Stop everything to spend an hour watching the sunset. Do a good deed. Practice your arts. Sink into a hammock. Pull up a chair to watch the chipmunk show. Drift into a good book. Walk without intention other than walking (we look forward to laying out a labyrinth). Invite inspiration.  Consider the ancient wisdom of trees.



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