Artemis with a deer

Artemisia (AR-TI-MEE’-SEE-YA) is cozy retreat space in the forest along the shore of Lake Superior on Michigan’s storied Keweenaw Peninsula. It is a site long used for spiritual reflection, stargazing, friendly interaction with animals, sharing bonfires with friends, and reveling at the beauty of sunsets over the lake. 

There are two houses on the land, the final homes of my grandmother and her dear friend and priest. In the land’s new incarnation as a retreat site for individuals and small groups, guests are asked to honor our values of nature conservation, spirituality, and community.

The name, Artemisia, is inspired by the Greek Goddess Artemis. She is the Goddess of the forest and the moon. She is a protector of women and girls, patroness of hunters, and guardian of the forest ecosystem. She is usually depicted with a deer and sometimes takes the form of a bear. To the Romans she was Diana.

ArtemisiaUP was chosen for the name of this blog because “Artemisia” was already taken. The U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Read more about Artemis by clicking on Artemisian Mythology & Art under Spirituality Links on the Home page.


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